Group of pilots and flight attendants talking at an airport

The Team

LPCheck is a language assessment body registered in Malta. Flying jets, SEP/MEP planes and helicopters as captains, TRI, TRE or just for fun gave us a broad understanding for the aviation industry. We have more than ten years of experience as flight instructors and examiners.

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Data Security

We realize how valuable your data is to you and we don't take the responsibility of collecting some of it lightly. We only ask for the data that is absolutely necessary to perform the test - the stuff in the registration form and your video and audio answering our questions. All these data are transmitted securely (encrypted) via TLS (i.e. SSL). All sensible data like video recordings, passwords etc. are of course saved encrypted on our server and we only keep your information as long as legally required to do so. See our Privacy Policy

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How much is it?

Cheeeeeeeap – its 149 Euros flat (tax included!), for everything – the test, the fast evaluation and the certificate. You save even more money as our test allows you to take the major part of it completely autonomously from wherever you want, whenever you want. The best at last – come as you are, in the pyjamas, your swimmingdress or a thick coat if you are cold – we promise to only grade your English and not your outfit or hair situation.

Legal Stuff

Authority Approval