LPCHECK Frequently Asked Questions

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I have a technical question (browser, camera, etc)!

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Can I take the test regardless of my licence country?

Currently you can take the test if your licence is issued by one of the following countries:
Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

What kind of certificate will I get?

We are a language assessment body registered in Malta so you will receive a certificate issued by us, on behalf of Transport Malta. You can use this with your local authority to get your language proficiency level entered in your licence. See above for the licence countries where the certificate will be recognized.
You can see our authority approval here.

ICAO rating scale, holistic descriptors, what are you talking about?

Check this official document

I am good, but I can’t know everything. What happens if an answer is wrong?

No worries, we grade your English and not your theoretical knowledge. So even if you failed your last PPL theoretical test you are ready to take your language proficiency check.

My children entered the room during the test, what now?

We will check if that disturbance was big enough to hinder us from grading your test. If that’s the case you will be asked to retake the test at our expense.
Please understand that we can offer that free retake only once so hiring a babysitter for the duration of the test might be a business case.

How long does the test take?

It depends on the length of your answers but calculating 50 minutes drags you on the safe side.

I am concerned when it comes to online payments

We use one of the biggest providers for online payments – Paypal. We do not store your credit card information and do what's necessary to protect your data.
For more information see our Privacy Policy.

When will I receive the test results?

We guarantee 4 working days after you take the test - interview done. However if you need it earlier give us a heads up and we’ll make it happen faster.

I don’t like my passport pic why do I need to show it to you?

At some point we need to check it’s you taking the test. You wouldn’t believe how creative people got in the past to avoid taking the test and still get the LP endorsement.

I am scared my internet connection fails during the test!

If the connection drop is only for a few minutes you should be able to simply continue the test when it becomes available again. But if, for example, your computer crashes no worries – your test progress is saved constantly so if you let us know about that mishap we will be able to provide another login link to let you continue from where you were interrupted.
However, we do recommend a stable (no public WiFi) braodband connection.

What happens to my valuable data?

We care for your data – a lot. The authorities require us to store the test results and audio/video recordings for 7 years. They will be deleted afterwards and additionally all those files are stored encrypted in the meantime. The connection to the test system is protected by TLS (i.e. SSL), so the "transmission line" is also encrypted.

On which tasks do your assessor put a special emphasis on?

The answer to that question is laid down in the official document

I do not agree with the results - can I appeal?

Of course you can, with the authority overseeing our test system - Transport Malta. Appeals have to be made to the Director General for Civil Aviation within 14 days of receiving the result of the test. If there is an appeal the Chief Language Specialist will be appointed to hear the test audio recordings to assess your proficiency. His/her decision will be final.

Why you should take the test with us!

  • We are all pilots ourselves and see us as your partner on the way to receive a language proficiency level of 4 or more
  • We are all level 6 examiners with hundreds of evaluations experience
  • You can take the major part of the test whenever and wherever you are
  • We care not only for airline pilots but also for glider, private VFR, helicopter pilots and of course air traffic controllers. This is why we designed different tests to meet the special needs of those aviation categories.
  • Highly qualified aviation specialists designed our test
  • We care for your data
  • ready?