Technical aspects of the online language proficiency exam
If you can't find your answers here, feel free to contact us!

Which browsers are supported?

Currently Firefox (minimum version 55) and Chrome (minimum version 52).

Which devices are supported?

A desktop computer or laptop is strongly recommended for a pleasant experience!
When you need to use a mobile device, you need at least a tablet in landscape mode. The device needs to have a built-in or connected camera and microphone and a stable internet connection.

Why can't I use another browser?

Data security is very important to us and we want to provide you with the most secure environment. A very common option to handle video and audio that would work on all browsers has some known security issues so we decided to go another way. However, the way we handle the multimedia stuff on the website is only fully supported by Firefox and Chrome. But if you happen to not have either one installed - they are completely free and available here:

Why am I unable to login?

The login credentials you received after registration (for test and interview) can only be used once for the test and once for the interview within 42 days. After the first login, they become invalid.
If you have to interrupt the test due to technical issues please contact us to generate a new login token.

I can see no camera picture on the technical test page
and/or no audio signal!

This can have several reasons, but can normally easily be fixed:

  • First please check that camera and microphone are connected to the computer and recognized by the operating system.
  • You have to grant the browser permission to use your devices. Normally, it will ask you if you want to grant this permission, but sometimes it is disabled by default. In Firefox, please go to Options -> Privacy and Security -> Permissions. You will find entries for camera and microphone there. Click Settings and check if the entry for www.lpcheck.com is set to "Allow". Additionally, make sure that "Block new requests to access your camera" is not checked.

    In Chrome, go to Settings -> Privacy and Security -> Site Settings. Make sure that camera and microphone are set to "Ask before accessing" and www.lpcheck.com is not in the blocking list.

  • After performing all the actions above, please reload the page.
    Clearing the browser cache may also help (Browser options -> Privacy And Security -> Cookies and Site Data -> Clear Data or Settings -> Clear Browsing Data). However, this will log you out so either do that before logging in or otherwise please contact us.

On the technical test page, I can see the camera picture but when I check the recording, it is completely black!

This should be a rare case of a missing video codec on your computer.
If you do see in fact your picture in the camera window and see the audio line moving, please simply ignore that inconvenience and start the test.

How are my video recordings protected?

They are stored encrypted using the AES algorithm and a 256 bit key, which is very secure. You can read more here:
Wikipedia on AES
According to regulations, we erase your data after 7 years.
You can find our complete Privacy Policy here

How is the data transfer between my computer and your server protected?

Connection to our server is only possible using the SSL (or actually "Transport Layer Security") protocol, commonly known through its use in https. You can normally recognize this secure connection in your browser's adress line by the small closed lock symbol displayed there. If you see it, all data transmitted is encrypted.

I am scared my internet connections fails during the test!

If the connection drop is only for a few minutes you should be able to simply continue the test when it becomes available again. But if, for example, your computer crashes no worries – your test progress is saved constantly so if you let us know about that mishap we will be able to provide another login link to let you continue from where you were interrupted.
However, we do recommend a stable (no public WiFi) braodband connection.

The test pages look very crammed and I have to scroll constantly.

While the layout is designed to be responsive to different screen sizes, we recommend a
minimum screen resolution of 1920 x 1080.

I cannot enter the interview room (error: room is full)

This happens when there are already two people in the room. Please doublecheck your assigned time - if it is correct try again after 5 minutes. The previous interview might have taken longer than anticipated.